Roger Ballen

A couple of weeks ago I made an unplanned visit to the Roger Ballen exhibition, I happened to be passing the gallery on the first day so called in to have a look. I’m not going to go into much detail at the moment since I am also booked on the Study Visit in May. I will however say that many of the image are uncomfortable in a variety of ways and the exhibition feels like an insight into a troubled mind, its unsettling but at the same time compelling.

I’ll reserve any further thoughts until after the study visit.

Sometime ago I joined a weekly photo project group on Flickr called 52 by 52 where a weekly project is set by a respected photographer and coincidentally the week after I saw the exhibition the challenge was set by Roger Ballen. The challenge was “Close your eyes, turn your eyeballs around. Photograph what you see”. Having come away from the exhibition feeling that I’d seen inside a troubled mind I wanted to portray the opposite, my own mind being much more calm, tranquil and untroubled ! This is the image I took in response to Roger Ballen’s instruction :

#32 Close your eyes, turn your eyeballs around. Photograph what you see. - Roger Ballen


About Janet Broughton

Award winning lifestyle photographer working with horse owners, families and small business owners.
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