Project 23 – Action with a motor drive

This is an optional exercise depending on equipment although I would imagine that virtually all cameras now have a motor drive. My camera has two continuous shooting settings, low and high speed and although I rarely use it I have my camera permanently set on low speed continuous shooting. Because it’s the low speed setting depressing and releasing the shutter normally results in just one image but it means that if I suddenly some across something fast moving, or if I’m shooting portraits and trying to capture just the right expression I can keep the shutter depressed and take as many shots as I like without first having to go through the menus and change.

The actual exercise is quite simple and involves finding some sort of action and shooting it using the motor drive for as long as the action continues. It’s not an especially interesting set of images but I was drawn to this woman’s bright pink top and the way it contrasted with the blue/grey tones of the surroundings. This was the first of the sequence:


and this was the last, with four images in between :


The image below is the one I feel is the most successful of the series :


I think the placing within the frame works well, she is close enough to see her expression but there is still space for her to run into, there is enough background visible to add interest but she is nicely separated from all the elements such as the railings to the right of the image and the wall to the left. Her own shadow and the shadow of the railings are also well placed with her feet falling in the small space between them. Without using the motor drive and choosing from a series of shots it would be extremely difficult to both predict and capture this placement of a the moving figure within the short time frame available. The biggest downfall I found was the noise made shooting continuously made it difficult to shoot discretely.

Due to the nature of the exercise I have not cropped any of these images, I would normally crop the selected image to remove the little bit of white railing to the right and the half man on the left.


About Janet Broughton

Award winning lifestyle photographer working with horse owners, families and small business owners.
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