Project 22 – Action – peak moment

This project involves taking a number of images of a situation where there is plenty of activity without changing lens or viewpoint and analysing afterwards to see which is the most effective. The text does actually call for fast movement to freeze gestures and expressions, I choose to photograph people getting on and of a tram and the nature of this means that some of the movement was fast and some not so, in fact there are some images where people had stood still. It was nevertheless a brief period of intense activity and allows for the necessary analysis of the images afterwards.

Here are my images in the order I took them, I stood at one end on the platform using a 70-300mm lens, I wasn’t really able to be discreet so I just had to hope that no-one objected. There are a couple of images where I have obviously been spotted but I was ignored anyway.


Above is the first image I took and she has obviously spotted me! The one below I feel is an improvement, there is a better separation of the figues and the fact that she has paused to put something in the bin adds a little interest.


The next three images are all taken in quick succession as you can tell by the progress of the young man towards the camera, he’s obviously spotted me in the first shot and then keeps his eyes averted. Of these three I prefer the first, although there’s not really much to choose between them, I like the capture of the woman’s getsure as she hitches her bag on her shoulder and glances back. Its such a normal everyday gesture but for some reason it catches my attention.




Of the sequence containing this group of people this is definitely my favourite, they’ve all stopped together but seem to have their attention focussed in different ways making them seem less united. The group of the figures also provides a good balance in the image.


And here’s a bit of an accident ! Supposed to be focussing on the woman getting on the train but managed to miss somehow, I still like it though, I think the lack of definition in the people is quite effective.


This is the train driver changing ends of the train.


The following two are the same lady who could be seen in the out of focus areas on the previous images. I think the first of these two is more effective, the placing of the figure is more balanced and I like the fact that the sign is fully visible.



And the final image is one that probably captures a gesture best of the set, you can see from his gesture and the empty platform that this man has rushed to get the train before it leaves.


We are supposed to identify which is the “critical point” in the series of activity, however, due to my choice of subject, I don’t feel that there is any one critical point. The last image captures a single gesture the most effectively and certainly ties in well with the “peak moment” theme of the exercise but my personal favourite is the fifth one posted, I can’t help looking at this group and wondering where they are going, they seem so uncertain somehow.

This exercise is very much in keeping with the way I would normally work although I would usually choose to be less obvious in what I am doing.


About Janet Broughton

Award winning lifestyle photographer working with horse owners, families and small business owners.
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One Response to Project 22 – Action – peak moment

  1. Interesting set Janet. I too like the OOF version, but for me the best one is the 5th in the series (7939) because all the heads line up neatly and meet the imaginary extension of the yellow bar to give a triangular composition with a really nice sense of movement. I’m also left wondering what the couple at the back have seen inside the train!

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